Sunday, 3 July 2011

Standards-based Primary School Curriculum (KSSR)

Ministry of Education was decided this year KSSR curriculum for all standard one pupils. The goal of KSSR is to educate pupils on general knowledge. So that each pupils can smooth link up with secondary curriculum, and to achieve a national key performance areas (NKRA).

The original "Curriculum Standards" is divided into four "modules", now changed to 6 "pillars", including: communication, spiritual life, science technology, humanities, aesthetics, social studies. Annual screening testing and school-based assessment to review the progress of each group, then remedial teaching.

KSSR is an idea comes from the "Education Master Plan." However, it is takes some times because the Ministry of Education and teachers are at the beginning. National People's concept of change, also needs a lot of years. Let us look toward a good curriculum outcomes.


  1. To the Editor:
    I am interested to the title “Standards-based Primary School Curriculum (KSSR) on 3 July.

    Well, I totally agree with the Ministry of Education which decided this year KSSR curriculum for all standard one pupils. Our education must be reformed. The world’s progress every day and what we still to wait for?

    KSSR – a new educational reformed in order adapt to today’s world. Not every child able to read, to write and to calculate. Some of them are more interested in drawing, singing, cooking and so on. Even they are not gain the flying colour in their result, but who can say that they will have no future?

    The goal of KSSR is to educate pupils on general knowledge. Try to imagine, a pupil learn under a no pressure environment, how nice?

    Hopefully this educational reform will allow pupils to have better all-around development.


  2. To the Editor:
    I was shocked to read an article from the “Standard-based Primary School Curriculum (KSSR)” on 3 July. I disagree with the new educational reform.
    According to my friend who was a teacher, taught on KSSR the feeling that a lot of paperwork involved, it may increasing the burden on teachers. Teachers often busy with their preparation before every lesson. Most of the teachers hope the Ministry of Education to reduce teacher’s paperwork.

    KSSR under the teachers need more time to interact with students, paperwork increased rather than decreased, puzzling. Teachers also face the problem of what to do internal assessment. Many teachers still blur with the evaluation criteria and evaluation forms are also unclear.

    The goal of the KSSR learning standard is 100%, teachers should ensure that every pupils, who made teachers to feel the pressure. The reaction from the teachers, the gap between ideal and reality seem different.